Costs of loft conversions - prices

In the initial stages of planning your loft conversion it is wise to consider many aspects, we will cover a few here and always recommend you speak to a specialist in the early stages of planning – that would be us at Heavenly Lofts! And we believe that the first thing you will want to know is how much the works will cost.

Loft conversions costs from Heavenly Lofts start from only £28,000 + VAT
The cost of your loft conversion in London will depend on the type, size, and the area of work to be addressed. How much value are we talking about? If you could convert a three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom house with a loft conversion costing you somewhere in the region of twenty thousand pounds you would in all likelihood see a fifty to sixty thousand pound rise in the value of your property.

The latest research conducted by property professionals has shown that a loft conversion can add up to £100,000 to the value of a property situated in London. What this means is that you cannot lose money but will unlock the hidden potential in your home, capitalising on what we call "the most profitable home improvement investment you will ever make!" All estate agents will tell you that an extra bedroom is the single most valuable asset that a family house can have and to convert your loft space is much easier than building an extension.

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